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About Trinity

Trinity Lutheran Seminary is a school of theology of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). From 1978 until the ELCA came into being in 1988, Trinity was owned and operated jointly by the American Lutheran Church and the Lutheran Church in America. Trinity has been institutional evidence of the deep unity of faith, doctrine, and life that binds all Lutherans together into one confessional family. It is meant to be a concrete expression of that unity with the mission of the whole church of Jesus Christ.

trinity exteriorPrecisely because an integral part of Lutheran identity is not sectarian but ecumenical, the seminary has consciously sought to be of service to the wider Christian community. This is reflected in ecumenical representation among Trinity's student body, faculty and staff, course offerings, and special events. As a result, Trinity Lutheran Seminary has developed the respect of congregations and even the governing bodies of other churches. It has been looked to as a theological resource for local congregations and for seminarians who find it difficult to pursue education at a seminary of their own denomination.

The Trinity Lutheran Seminary community welcomes, embraces, and celebrates people of all sexual orientations and gender identities whom the Spirit calls to God’s reconciling mission in the world. Our commitment is inspired by the radical inclusivity of Christ, the knowledge that we are all created in God’s image, and the movement of the Spirit that gathers people to places like Trinity to be transformed into leaders for Christ’s church at work in the world.

Forming Leaders

Trinity is dedicated to preparing committed Christian leaders to serve in many and varied ministries in an increasingly diverse church and society. More than 3,000 Trinity graduates are involved in Christian service in the United States and 25 other countries, as:
  • Parish pastors
  • Missionaries
  • Directors of Christian Education
  • Youth ministers
  • Church musicians
  • Pastoral counselors
  • Chaplains
  • Church administrators
  • College and seminary professors
  • Bishops
  • Specialized ministries

In addition to the ministries of its graduates:

Trinity faculty are speakers and Bible study leaders, in person or via videotape, at national, regional, and local gatherings. They serve as theological resource people for lay training and clergy continuing education events. Faculty and staff are guest preachers or instructors for congregational education classes.

Qualified seminary students fulfill requests to conduct worship services in congregations in Ohio and the surrounding area. During internship, ministry-in-context settings, and field placements, students participate in the life of their assigned congregation or other setting, serving as well as being served.

Locally, Trinity students and spouses, faculty, and staff are involved in a variety of voluntary service agencies. Recent areas of outreach and direct service have included Habitat for Humanity, Interfaith Hospitality Network, Greenbriar Food Pantry, Faith Mission, and CHOICES.

Trinity also provides resources to enhance personal and congregational growth and ministry.

Special lectures, educational conferences, inspirational concerts, and thought-provoking theater are open to the public. Sermons and other presentations are published on the web, opening these resources to a wider audience. Educational videotapes are available on loan, and faculty books, articles, reviews, and musical publications enrich many throughout the church.

Trinity Lutheran Seminary is able to fulfill its mission through the church only through the faithful support and participation of many partners. The Trinity Community is continually grateful for gifts both large and small from its extended family of alumni, friends, and supporters throughout the world.