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Welcome to Internship

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

I would like to express deepest appreciation to all pastors of internship sites for your faithful service as an internship supervisor. You show Biblical hospitality as you welcome the intern to live and work among you in ministry. Providing the intern with a healthy congregational setting for contextual learning and a wise pastoral mentor with whom to reflect on the challenges and joys of parish ministry, you are a blessing – not only to this individual student but also to the future congregation he/she will serve as well as the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America!

This “ministry of teaching” certainly comes with considerable effort on your part and that is recognized. It takes time, financial resources, the commitment of the people with whom the intern works and the energies of the pastor supervisor. I pray you realize how far reaching those efforts extend and what blessing you give to the Kingdom of God.

For all interns I would share a similar word of encouragement and support. This year of internship, putting into parish context your academic preparation, will certainly be a formative one. It’s a year to explore and develop your pastoral identity, discover and further grow in your skills for ministry and continue the process of discernment of God’s call. As you know the process of assignment for internship partners us in the seminary with local congregations, pastors, synods, and bishops. In a very real way internship itself models the partnership in the Gospel we all share by virtue of our baptism and our continuing lives of faithful living.

On behalf of Trinity Lutheran Seminary and the church-at-large, the ELCA, I am thankful to be, with you, a worker in the kingdom of God.

Yours in Christ,
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The Reverend Jane E. Jenkins
Director of Contextual Education, Assistant Professor of Pastoral Theology

P.S. As has become our custom during the academic year, you will be specifically included in Wednesday chapel prayers.