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Question: Is Columbus an exciting place to live?

Answer: Whether your passion is sports or the arts, whether you are looking for an energized night life or family-friendly outings, Columbus is a great place to live. Visit our About Columbus and Bexley page to learn more, and to see what’s coming up.

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Question: When will I receive housing information? What do I need to know before I arrive to move in?

Answer: Housing information is made available when you accept our offer of admission since the deposit form is also the housing request form. If you request information on the seminary apartments, your name & contact information is provided to the management company. If you request information on the efficiency suites, you will be contacted through e-mail by the housing coordinator.

Information about the furnishings of individual units, as well as floor plans and the cost of various housing options can be found on the housing page.

Fall move-in day for the efficiency suites is usually the Monday before New Student Orientation begins. The $200.00 security deposit is due that day. Currently we do not accept credit card payment for this deposit.

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Question: What about registration? What if I don’t know what classes to take?

Answer: Please check the Academic Calendar for registration dates for each term. The course registration card is available on the Registrar’s page. You can get an idea of what classes to take by reading the section about your degree program in the Academic Catalog; core (required) courses are listed there.

Course schedules for the new academic year are usually posted on the registrar's page sometime in March. If you have accepted Trinity's admission offer and paid the deposit, you will receive a registration packet which includes an "Advice" sheet telling you what courses to take your first year.

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Question: When will I learn who my advisor will be?

Answer: For students beginning in the fall, the list of I-Groups (Integrative Groups) will be posted during orientation week and you will meet over lunch with your faculty advisor at the new student/faculty retreat.

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Question: Do I need to attend the new student orientation?

ctt bbq 2012Answer: Yes, and you will be so glad you did!

Orientation is designed:

  • to help build community as you get to know others in your class and on the staff,
  • to give you time to chat informally with faculty and to meet your advisor,
  • to gain information about contextual education,
  • to collect resources to help you settle into this place,
  • to learn about expectations for students, including I-Group, Life Together, etc.
  • to receive information about financial aid and curriculum requirements,
  • to learn about spiritual/counseling resources,
  • to have your photo taken for the directory,
  • to receive your community life handbook with policies that affect your time at seminary, and
  • to finalize your registration.

If you do not attend orientation, you will need to check in with the following people to see what information you missed:

If you are unable to attend orientation in its entirety, you will be able to find the information, but you will have missed the important component of community-building.

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Question: If I live on campus, where will my kids go to school?

Answer: Trinity’s apartments are in the Bexley City School District, which includes three elementary schools, plus a middle school and high school. Trinity kids attend Cassingham Elementary.

There is no bus system in Bexley, so students typically walk or ride to school. Trinity families normally create a walking plan early in the year, and walk as a group to Cassingham as long as the weather is nice. You are encouraged to contact the school system for additional information, including supply lists for the upcoming year.

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Question: Is there anything I need to know about technology on campus before I get there?

Answer: We strongly recommend that you bring your own computer with you, though several computer labs are available on campus and at Capital University across the street. Facility with basic email and word-processing applications is a must. You'll be writing lots of papers and most communication between faculty, staff, and students takes place via email. We also use a tool called Bibleworks for our Bible classes, but you'll hear more about that when you get on campus. If you need help, the lab assistants are quite able. Just ask. Here are a few other things you might be wondering about.

  • E-Mail: You will be given an email account as soon as possible once Computer Services receives your signed User Policy Agreement. We will either send this form to you prior to orientation or give it to you during orientation.
    • Antivirus & Spam Filtering: We provide filtering for your Trinity account. Nevertheless, you should make sure that your computer has all the current updates, security patches, and has adequate antivirus protection.
    • E-Mail Forwarding: You may request that your Trinity e-mail be forward to another account such as hotmail or gmail. There are pros and cons to doing so, however.
  • Wireless Access Points: Wireless Internet (WiFi) access is available in several locations on campus. No logon is required.
  • Dorms/Efficiency Suites
    • Internet: All dorm rooms are equipped with two standard network ports with High Speed Internet. All you need is a network cable.
    • Wi-Fi: Wireless Internet is not provided in the dorms, but you are allowed to set up your own secured wireless access point. Your User Policy will have guidelines for WiFi.
    • Cable: Cable TV access is available in every room.
    • Telephone: Phone service is NOT provided in the dorms. You must contact AT&T and Facilities Management for a standard telephone line.

There's a lot more to know but these this should get you started. Additional information will be made available at orientation.

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Question: Can I pay my tuition via credit or debit card?

Answer: At this time, Trinity cannot process payments for tuition with a credit or debit card. Please contact Pat Fork in the Business Office with questions about additional payment methods.

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