Financial Aid Packages

Applications for financial aid from students expecting to enroll in the fall are due to the financial aid office by May 1. After that date all financial aid applications from students will be reviewed in the order received. Students must apply each year for renewal of financial aid. Students should contact the Director of Financial Aid early in the application process to discuss particular situations and needs.

Trinity’s financial aid package consists of free scholarship funds, Federal Direct Loans, and federal work study eligibility.

Upon completion of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), a student may go to and complete promissory note for the Federal Direct Loan program. Entrance counseling is also required at this site if you have never borrowed a federal loan.

Students are counseled by the Director of Financial Aid regarding loan indebtedness, and additional loans are considered only if all other resources have been exhausted.

Trinity offers generous amounts of merit and need-based scholarships to students.

Employment of eligible students in Federal Work study positions is available on and off campus. These positions are specifically chosen for the learning and serving experience provided. All available positions are posted on a bulletin board outside the Financial Aid Office. First-year students are encouraged to limit their part-time employment to 10-15 hours per week.