Student Accounts and Refunds


Students will be billed electronically each term by the Student Accounts Office, according to the billing schedule, found here. All charges and fees are payable by the due date identified in the e-mail you will receive. For the purposes of billing, the J-term and spring terms are considered one term. Thus, students should plan on making two payments during the regular academic year; ‘term’ as used in this catalog section, refers to the two periods: 1) fall term and 2) combined J-term and spring terms. Registration for subsequent terms will not be permitted until all amounts owed have been paid in full. Students will not be permitted to participate in graduation unless all outstanding charges have been fully paid.

A refund may be made to a student who does not complete a full term, based on the date of formal notification of withdrawal or the date on which the seminary formally determines that the student is dismissed or suspended and notifies him or her of this action. The seminary will retain a percentage of the tuition, fees, and other charges paid equal to the percentage of time for which the student was enrolled for the first 60% of the term. After 60% of the term is completed, no reduction of charges will be made. Refund of any monies to the student will be governed by the Federal Refund Policy as described in the Financial Aid section of this catalog. The seminary may retain reasonable additional fees, not to exceed $100, to cover application, enrollment, registration, and similar costs.

A student who withdraws from an individual course during a term will be charged tuition proportionately.


It is assumed that a student who enrolls at Trinity will remain for the entire term. When a student finds it necessary to withdraw from all classes during the term, Trinity may provide a partial refund of charges.

Federal Stafford Loans are disbursed on the assumption that a student completes the academic term for which the loan is granted. If a student does not complete an academic term, the Federal Refund Policy governs how much federal aid the student is eligible for:
During the first 60% of the term, a student “earns” federal funds in direct proportion to the length of time he/she remains enrolled. A student who remains enrolled beyond the 60% point “earns” all aid for the term.

The Financial Aid Office will determine the portion of Direct Loan funds that are required to be returned to the federal program based on attendance and date of withdrawal.

No return of federal funds is necessary for a student who withdraws from the seminary after 60% of the term is completed; the student enters repayment for those funds. The student must follow proper withdrawal procedures as described in the section on Withdrawal in the Trinity Academic Catalog.