Appeal Steering Team & Staff

Steering Team

Rick Barger

Al and Erline Sager
General Chairs

Dennis and Barbara Anderson
Fred and Jeanne Meuser
Honorary co-chairs

Deb Yandala and Fred Fritz
Chairs for Board/Former Board

Derk Hoven, Libby Davis Manning and Jack Ohle
Chairs for Alumni Gifts

Doug Hill
Chair for Team of 50

Lisa Arrington and Grant Eckhart
Chairs for Congregation Gifts

Cheryl Peterson and Missy Brown
Chairs for Faculty/Staff and Retired Faculty/Staff Gifts

David Young
Chair for Student Gifts


Brad Gee
Vice President for Advancement
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fred meuser“The world needs what the seminary is on earth to provide, namely talented, committed, intelligent, compassionate, effective, courageous leadership...When congregations look for leadership they look to the seminary. The church lives by its leadership and that is the business Trinity is in. Jeanne and I are delighted to be able to support this appeal and to tell other people that this is an investment that will pay dividends unlike any other investment.”

Fred Meuser, President Emeritus
dennis anderson“Trinity is tailoring its ministry to the current leadership needs of the world and church. This is evident in the 2+2 program and the Spanish for Ministry requirement for students in the Master of Divinity program. This is Creative in educational design; Contextual in that it encourages learning in the context where future leaders will minister; Courageous in delivering theological formation in a new and innovative format; Careful in the use of financial resources, reducing costs and educational debt to students; and Contemporary in meeting the needs of the church in today’s rapidly changing society. Barb and I are excited to increase our financial support for this appeal.”

Dennis Anderson, President Emeritus