Case Statement

We envision…

A Trinity that can claim excellence without parallel in the formation of pastoral, Christ-centered, servant-leaders for the sake of the world, for a global church, and for a North American church that is in flux, emerging anew, and will recover its voice and role in the world.
A Trinity that can likewise claim excellence in the formation of persons whose call to Christian leadership does not include ordination to Word and Sacrament, but is in response to the baptismal call; persons lifted up for Word and Service, synodically authorized ministries and those who simply want to be better persons and citizens on this planet.
A Trinity that sends out servant-leaders who are recognized for their ability to serve in a variety of settings while embodying hope and light in a world gripped by fear.

communion distributionA Trinity with academic offerings that are more accessible through engagement in night, weekend, and online courses.

A Trinity where lifelong learning moves from being a menu of events into a lifelong connectivity that constantly renews, energizes, and equips those in service to the church.

A Trinity that is ecumenically, ethnically, and gender diverse, and able to equip persons in the Spanish language and Spanish-speaking culture.

A Trinity that is strong enough to remain vibrant when there are fluctuations in support from synods and the Churchwide organization.
A Trinity that not only excels in academic rigor, but in the formation of the whole person; a seminary known for launching healthy, vibrant, transformative, maturing, resilient, and evangelical leaders.

A Trinity that has managed to rebuild its endowment, so that its economic strength fosters excellence in sustainability.
A Trinity that has developed grassroots networks with congregations, so Trinity always remains relevant, is informed by those on the front line of mission and from whom Trinity receives significant investment.

A Trinity where its annual fund is reset to a level three times what it is today.

A Trinity able to admit students with the promise that their tuition will be covered through specified years of service, so they can be free from the burden of servicing student loans.
A Trinity where enrollment begins to rise again, reaching a minimum of 55 new students a year from a much larger pool of applicants because of our passion for excellence, relevancy, accessibility, Christ-centered community vitality, and for forging leadership in new forms for a new day.