Modern Hymn Movement Workshop and Concert

This Free event is for alumni, students, all local college students, and all local churches on the Modern Hymn Movement with Dan Vaillancourt and Nathan Schleicher.

Workshop begins at 7:00 p.m. Concert begins at 9:00 p.m.

Dan Vaillancourt has performed 600+ concerts in 35 states, including many church-sponsored events. He fills a different niche at these events singing songs and telling stories of life, loss, hope and struggle instead of praise, worship and CCM songs. Audiences often leave looking at life in a different light, finding themselves laughing or crying, sometimes even both within the same song. He has performed for thousands of people of all ages at venues such as church concert series, college ministries and festivals, including performing for ten consecutive years at the Michigan ELCA Youth Gathering and six years of teaching at Michiluca's rock and roll camp. More information, music, quotes and more:

Nathan Schleicher's current indie-folk band, At Average, pair's lyrical influences from diverse subjects including history, cinema, God and the struggle to be greater than normal. Well known for his work in the modern hymn movement, songwriter Nathan Schleicher, has led worship workshops for mainline churches across the mid-west and Washington, and his modern liturgy has been used in contemporary worships throughout the US and in England. He has shared the stage many times with artists such as Lost & Found, Agape, and Rachel Kurtz. In 2012 he was selected as the worship leader for the state of Michigan at the ELCA National Gathering in New Orleans. This winter he was asked to design and lead the worship for the annual leadership retreat for pastors from the lower peninsula. To find out more and hear tracks, visit To see video demos of Nathan's modern liturgy and hymns, visit
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