Julie Faith Parker

assistant Professor of old testament

JFP - Trinity 1
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Some people fear that academic study of the Bible will shake their faith – yet the Word of God can easily withstand whatever questions our inquiring minds may bring to bear upon it. Indeed, as our knowledge of the Bible grows, we fall more deeply in love with this cherished text.

--Julie Faith Parker


B.A., Hamilton College; M.Div., Union Theological Seminary (New York); Pastorates: Associate Pastor, Grace United Methodist Church in Valley Stream, NY; Protestant Chaplain, Hofstra University in Hempstead, NY; S.T.M., Yale Divinity School, 2002; Ph.D., Yale University, 2009; Lecturer, Yale Divinity School, 2010; Visiting Assistant Professor, Colby College, 2010-2012; Adjunct Professor: Fordham University, Andover Newton Theological School, Fairfield University, New York Theological Seminary (teaching at Sing Sing Prison), 2012-14; Faculty Fellow, Colby College, 2014-15; Assistant Professor of Old Testament, Trinity Lutheran Seminary 2015 - .

Areas of Expertise

  • Hebrew Bible
  • Spanish
  • Children in the Bible
  • Feminist interpretation of biblical texts
  • Ancient near Eastern languages and cultures

recent academic PUBLICATIONS

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Ecclesiastical and Educational Publications: 
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