Qian “Yoyo” Liu

Qian “Yoyo” Liu is a student in the Master of Arts in Church Music program at Trinity.  Born and raised in the Jilin Province of China, she came to the United States to study piano performance at Capital University. Upon completion of her bachelor’s degree at Capital, she earned a Master of Music in Piano Performance from the Ohio State University. While a student at Capital, she found work playing the piano for a local church. The experience introduced her to hymns and liturgy, and to her own emerging faith. When a friend told her about Trinity’s Master of Arts in Church Music, she set her sights on a new vocation. Once destined for the concert stage, Yoyo now finds fulfillment in the church.

Yoyo is currently in her second year at Trinity, where she strives to learn unfamiliar music in the midst of the academic work.

Trinity is challenging, but it feels like home. The music is new, but I’m confident…The decision to change to church music was very hard; my whole life was going in another direction, but God helped me through that and I am glad I am here now.