Bible Resources

These links lead to external webites. Though they are recommended by individual members of the faculty, they do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Trinity Lutheran Seminary.
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American Schools of Oriental Research
Information on digs, including Sepphoris
Bible Gateway
A variety of full-text translations of the Bible
Blue Letter Bible
Interlinear Greek/Hebrew/English (KJV) Bible linked to commentaries, lexicon, concordances, Bible dictionaries; theological perspective is conservative evangelic
Enter the Bible, from Luther Seminary
Resource for passing Bible competency exams; hyperlinked study of books, people, and places
Biblical Studies on the Web
Journals and exegetical materials
The Center for Millennium Studies
Boston University site on apocalyptic literature
Christian Classics Ethereal Library
Full text resources, with links to other sites
Materials for the study of women and gender in the ancient world
ECOLE Initiative
ECOLE: The Early Church On-Line Encyclopedia; scholarly effort to establish a hypertext encyclopedia of church history up to the Reformation; includes documents, glossary, articles, images, and chronology
Israel’s Archaeological Treasures
From the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs
K. C. Hanson
Contains archaeology; bibliographies; social scientific interpretation of the Bible; descriptions of and links to 240 web sites; manuscripts; excellent place to begin surfing
Maps of the Roman Empire
Including provinces
Perseus Project
Greek and Latin texts and translations, philological tools, maps, art catalogs, essays; especially helpful for Greek and Latin searching tools; complicated to use, so read FAQ page and “Searching Tools” page; a project of Tufts University
Religion: Subject Index
An annotated directory of Internet resources for the academic study of religion
Religion Online
Full-text articles on the broad field of religion; some book reviews
Revelation Resources
Reference page for those studying the book of Revelation; Lutheran School of Theology in Aarhus, Denmark
University of Michigan Papyrus Collection
Information on making papyrus, history of the collection, etc.
Resources Pages for Biblical Studies
Focusing on the early Christian writings and their social world
The Septuagint
Online version of the LXX