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Weekly Worship Schedule

DayLocationDescription (10:45 a.m.)
Monday Schenk Chapel Evening Prayer for Morning (ELW)
Tuesday Schenk Chapel "Change Our Hearts O God" Service of Corporate Confession
Wednesday Schenk Chapel Holy Eucharist
Liturgy: "Of the Land and Seasons
Presider:Karen Asmus-Alsnauer
Thursday Schenk Chapel Evening Prayer (Holden Village)
Friday Outdoor:Christ the Teacher Courtyard "The Leaving Service" Based on the resources of the Iona Abbey community

TRINITY Spotlight

TRInity alumna anna madsen delivers 2017 commencement speech

anna madsen headshot"It didn't take too long, as I began to prepare and write this address, for it to dawn on me that you are exactly where I want you, because you don't graduate until I'm done telling you what I think you need to know.

So get comfy, for I've some things to say."