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The Region 6 Archives is part of the network of ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America) Churchwide and Regional Archives. The Archives was established in 1992 with the cooperative support of the Region 6 synods to provide "for regional archives, associated with the institutions of this church wherever possible (ELCA Constitution 18.11.B91)." It serves the six synods in the states of Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and the Lower Peninsula of Michigan.

Archive Hours

9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.
9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.
9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.

Patrons are encouraged to schedule an appointment prior to arrival. Please call 614-235-4136 or e-mail Jennifer, the Region 6 archivist, to schedule an appointment.


  • To preserve and make available the official and permanently valuable records created by Region 6 synods and institutions.
  • To provide archival support to the Lutheran congregations and institutions operating in each participating synod of the Region 6 Archives.
  • To identify and collect the records of antecedent bodies (synods, districts, defunct Lutheran institutions and congregations.



Reference services are provided on-site at the archives, by mail, phone, or e-mail request. Please see the Research Fee Policy for information on research and photocopy costs.

Support for ELCA Congregations and Organizations

Support is given to ELCA congregations and organizational archives through individual consultation and workshops. Topics include (but are not limited to):
  • Establishing a congregational archive
  • Celebrating a congregational anniversary
  • Compiling a congregational history
  • Suggestions for records retention
  • Caring for the parish register
  • Preserving electronic documents


Access Policy

The archive makes research materials available to all registered patrons in accordance with Region 6 Archives policies and practices.

Collection Policy

The Region 6 Archives is the official repository for the archival records of ELCA Region 6 synods and predecessor bodies.

The Archives preserves the records of disbanded ELCA congregations. Active congregations are responsible for keeping their own records. The archive does collect congregational histories and microfilm copies of congregational records for reference and preservation purposes.

Inactive records of institutions, organizations, and ministries supported by the Region 6 synods and predecessors will be collected when no other provisions for their preservation exist. The Region 6 Archives cooperates with ELCA Churchwide and other regional archives to preserve records of the ELCA ‘s predecessor bodies.

Roots of the Region 6 Archives (ELCA)

Memory is an important part of our Christian lives. Our faith and actions are based on His Word as it was written and preserved through the years. The church's identity is preserved through traditions and through conscious efforts to document and protect its history in archives.

The constitution of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America acknowledges the importance of providing archives to preserve the memory of this new united church. It calls for the nine regions to provide "for regional archives, associated with institutions ofthis church wherever possible (18.11.B91)." To this end, a task force of knowledgeable representatives of Region 6 synods was appointed.

The work of the Region 6 Archives Task Force began in September 1990. The task force made recommendations for the basic structure of an archives. It solicited bids from Capital University, Trinity Seminary, and Wittenberg University for a site for the regional archives. In February 1991, Trinity Lutheran Seminary offered the use of its Mees Dormitory basement for the Region 6 Archives.

In 1992 the task force directed the renovation of the Mees basement. The Region 6 Archives opened in November 1992.

Jennifer Long Morehart is the current Archivist of the Region 6 Archives. Jennifer earned a Master of Library and Information Science in May 2006 from Kent State University. She also earned a Master of Arts in Religion from the Claremont School of Theology in Claremont, CA, where she focused on the history of Christianity. Jennifer continues the tradition of excellence at the Region 6 Archives with a love for both perpetuating church history and serving people.

Archives History: Refreshing our Memory in Mid-America

The Mid-America region has played a notable part in the history of Lutheranism in America. One can learn much by examining the parallels between the challenges we face today and those met years ago.

The information preserved in archives enables us to remember accomplishments, failures, and even common details that help us to make informed judgments and take wiser actions in the future. The Region 6 Archives serves this purpose in several ways.
  • Preserving and making available the official and permanently valuable records of participating synods and institutions
  • Providing archival support to congregations and institutions
  • Identifying and collecting the records of predecessor bodies

These objectives are accomplished by actively collecting the official documents of the synods and helping them to identify the important records to keep. Congregations and other Lutheran institutions are responsible for establishing and maintaining their own archives. The Archives provides information and consultation to assist in establishing and maintaining congregational and institutional archives.


The Region 6 Archives is located in the lower level of Mees Dormitory at Trinity Lutheran Seminary, 2199 East Main Street. Patrons may phone ahead to (614) 235-4136 ext. 4606, and are encouraged to schedule an appointment or announce themselves at the information desk in the lobby of the seminary.

Parking: Visitor spaces are available in the parking lot at Trinity Lutheran Seminary.

To schedule a visit to the ELCA Region 6 Archives, please contact the archivist for an appointment.

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