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The twin theological themes of incarnation and resurrection are especially interesting to me. The former is God's resounding affirmation of embodied life; the latter assures us that such life is not a temporary aberration. Resurrection is God's way of saying that embodied human beings are too good an idea to have a shelf life.

--N. Clayton Croy


B.A., Asbury College; M.Div., Asbury Theological Seminary; M.A., University of California-Santa Barbara; Ph.D., Emory University; Youth minister, Centenary United Methodist Church, Ashland, KY; Instructor, Candler School of Theology, Emory University; Lecturer, Emory University; Visiting Assistant Professor, Columbia Theological Seminary, GA; Assistant Professor, Trinity, 1999-2005; Associate Professor, Trinity, 2005-2012; Professor, Trinity, 2012-.


  • Society of Biblical Literature
  • Institute for Biblical Research


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