Professor emeritus of Old Testament and learning technologies

nakamura lynn
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The history of the people of God has shown that left to their own ends, God's people struggle against that which makes them whole -- their relationship with their God. Nevertheless, Hebrew Scripture declares that ultimately God will overcome this faith problem and the divine-human relationship will be placed in a new sphere -- the kingdom of God.

--from Monarch Mountain & Meal


B.A., Susquehanna University, 1978; M.Div., Lutheran Theological Seminary, Philadelphia, 1983; Ph.D., Princeton Theological Seminary, 1992; Pastorate: Ocean City, NJ, 1987-1988; Assistant Professor of Old Testament, Trinity, 1988-1993; Associate Professor of Old Testament, Trinity, 1993-2011; Secretary of the Faculty, Trinity, 1994-96; Manager, Computer Services, Trinity, 1996-1998; Director, Learning Technologies, Trinity, 1996-2001; Webmaster, Trinity, 1997-2001; Professor of Old Testament and Learning Technologies, Trinity, 2001-2011; Director of Information Technology, Trinity, 2005-2011; Senior Research Professor 2011-2013.


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