Professor Joy Schroeder's New Book

schroeder joy highJoy Schroeder Publishes The Book of Jeremiah (Bible in Medieval Tradition)

Dr. Joy A. Schroeder, Bergener Professor of Theology and Religion at Trinity Lutheran Seminary and Capital University, recently published The Book of Jeremiah. In this volume, part of the Bible in Medieval Tradition commentary series (Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing), Schroeder provides substantial excerpts from seven noteworthy biblical interpreters who commented on Jeremiah between the ninth and fifteenth centuries.

From the publisher: Following a survey of early and medieval Christian authors and their interpretive approaches, Schroeder offers original translations from medieval commentators writing on twenty-four chapters of Jeremiah, including all chapters present in major western lectionaries. In addition to her clear, readable renderings of texts from authors including Thomas Aquinas, Nicholas of Lyra, and Denis the Carthusian, Schroeder provides an introduction to each author represented, locating him within his historical and theological context. The well-chosen selections in this masterful volume illustrate the rich diversity of medieval approaches to biblical interpretation and offer an intriguing glimpse into the worldview of medieval commentators.

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