aLumni Hub Map
Alumni Hub Map
Members of Trinity’s Alumni Council have worked hard toward the implementation of a new plan for Trinity graduates to connect with one another and the seminary. This map is the brainchild of alumni council member, Pastor Kim Hester. Born out of a deep commitment to Trinity and a strong desire to strengthen connections between Trinity and its alumni, Pastor Hester took a look at a map of the United States and formed eight alumni hubs in the United States and a ninth for international alumni. The alumni council unanimously supported this vision and began to go about the work of identifying pastors, associates in ministry, diaconal ministers, and deaconesses who might serve as hub coordinators. Council members were assigned the hubs listed below.

Alumni hub coordinators are members of the Trinity Alumni Association and they network with alumni in their respective hubs, alerting them to events on campus and inviting them to alumni gatherings scheduled throughout each hub with Trinity staff and faculty. Coordinators also maintain and update accurate contact information for alumni in their hubs, encourage participation in the annual Trinity Days event in late September, and invite participation in four meetings held throughout the year—three via Skype/Google Chat and one on campus at the time of Trinity Days.

Alumni support of Trinity is crucial for any number of reasons. We need our alumni to identify women and men with gifts for ministry and to share contact information for these persons with our Admissions staff. We need alumni to speak well of Trinity and the new initiatives that are changing the shape of theological formation in this place. Finally, we need our alumni to annually support the Trinity Fund at some level. As many of you know, the 20% threshold of alumni support is a key factor in Trinity qualifying for a variety of grants.

Stay tuned for communication that will be coming from the newly-appointed alumni hub coordinators.