Help Recruit a New Student in Four Easy Steps

Step 1: Listen

Be willing to talk to the people you know about how they live their faith each day. Trinity is excited about its mission statement to form leaders for Christ’s church at work in the world. We don’t think these are empty words. If you are able to engage others about how they are a part of Christ’s church at work in the world, then you are able to help us in our work of forming leaders.

Step 2: Share

Tell somebody. Do you know someone who would be an excellent future student at Trinity? Let the admissions office know what you know. Trinity is always looking for students who can join this community, either in a degree program or as a non-degree student. When you are thinking about leaders for Christ’s church at work in the world, we hope you will think about:
  • Pastors
  • Youth and Family Ministry Leaders
  • Congregational Musicians
  • Christian Educators
  • Scholars
  • Leaders in the areas of advocacy, law, nursing, and ethics
  • Congregational leaders looking for advanced study in order to be more effective in their congregational ministry
  • Folks who are imagining new and emerging ways to live out their faith
Contact the Admissions Office to share contact information of a prospective student.

Step 3: Invite

Invite someone to visit us. Trinity encourages prospective students to arrange a personalized individual visit specifically tailored to their degree program, housing needs, and other interests. The academic calendar, “Great days to visit,” and registration information is available on the website. Contact us to schedule an individual visit.

Step 4: Celebrate

As a recent alumni mailing proclaimed: “We are Trinity. You are Trinity!” Please let us know how the faculty, staff, and students at Trinity can support your ministry. Our alumni and partners are a part of the Trinity community.