2013 Summer Music Courses

WEEK ONE     June 3– 7

Vocal Solutions for Choral Directors, 1:00-3:15        

Sharon Stohrer, Voice Instructor, Capital University and Trinity Lutheran Seminary
This intensive course explores how the voice works through the study of vocal anatomy, acoustics, registration and articulation.  Participants gain greater knowledge of vocal technique through pedagogical study along with group and individual exercises, songs, and projects unique to each class member.  Among topics addressed are managing the adolescent changing voice, dealing with the aging voice, choral versus solo singing aesthetics, and vocal health.  The format includes lecture, discussion, viewing of videos, engaging in breathing and singing exercises, and question and answer sessions.  One semester hour.

Class Guitar, 1:00-3:15   

Brett Burleson Adjunct Instructor at Trinity Lutheran Seminary, Ohio Wesleyan University, Capital University, and Lecturer at The Ohio State University
The course is designed to help students gain a basic understanding of the guitar.  Focus is on chord accompaniment and reading melodies in treble clef and applying this information to music including, but not limited to, hymns and liturgies. General music theory concepts will be discussed in relation to the instrument and the musical selections. A background in reading music and/or the guitar in general are not required. One semester hour.

Music and Worship in the African-American Tradition,  3:30-7:00

Raymond Wise, Affiliated Professor of Church Music, Trinity Lutheran Seminary
A study of music and worship forms of the African American Christian tradition with emphasis on historical development, an understanding of the African American aesthetic and practical applications for congregational music and worship.  (Includes paper/project to be completed outside of class. Paper/project not required for auditors.) This course fills concentration core for M.A.C.M. students and Music Option for M.Div students. Attendance at the Raise Choir concert on Tuesday, June 4 is required.  Two semester hours.

WEEK TWO   June 10 – 14

Leading the Church’s Song, 1:00-4:30   

May Schwarz, Professor of Church Music and director, Master of Arts in Church Music Program, Trinity Lutheran Seminary; and guest presenters
Explores the impact of music on the mission of the church. Students sing new hymns, discover new ways of singing the psalms, develop skills for intoning the liturgies, and identify criteria for hymn selection. Examines musician-clergy partnership models and explore strategies for implementation. Recognize why and when the church’s music ministry may be an arena for conflict. Develop your philosophy of church music. (Includes paper/project to be completed outside of class. Paper/project not required for auditors.) Two semester hours

Perspectives in Choral Conducting, 4:45-7:00    

James Gallagher, Church Musician; Emeritus, The Ohio State University, Columbus
Explore conducting and rehearsal techniques and repertoire. Provides opportunity to put conducting techniques into practice. Course may be repeated.  May be credited toward applied study in M.A. C. M. curriculum. One semester hour.

Handbells , 4:45-7:00    

Jane McFadden, Director of Handbells, Christ Lutheran Church, Bexley, Ohio; composer and arranger
Bell choirs, bell-ringing techniques, recruitment, organization, assigning bells, equipment needs, repertoire, and development of skills in bell-ringing.  This course will be taught at Christ Lutheran Church, 2314 E. Main Street, Bexley, Ohio. May be credited toward applied study in M.A.C.M. curriculum. One semester hour.

WEEK THREE  June 17 – 21

Organ Masterclass – Hymn-based Organ Literature, 1:00-3:15    

Paul Thornock, Cathedral Director of Music, St. Joseph Cathedral, Columbus, Ohio; Diocesan Music Consultant.
Survey and study organ literature and performance techniques for repertoire based on chorales, hymn tunes, and Gregorian chant from 1600 to the present. This will include, but not be limited to examples from the Dutch, German, and French schools.  Students will come prepared to play two different genres and will work throughout the week to gain greater fluency and command of ornamentation, registration, technique, and performance styles.  All classes will be taught on the 66-stop Paul Fritts and Company organ at Saint Joseph Cathedral.  One semester hour.

Music Technology for Church Musicians, 1:00-3:15     

Justin Riley, Adjunct Instructor, Trinity Lutheran Seminary
Introduces basic use of music technology for worship. Topics include music notation software, live sound reinforcement, audio recording and digital video editing.  Technology classroom facilitates a “hands-on” experience.  One semester hour.

Advanced Handbell Skills, 3:45-6:00     

Jane McFadden, Director of Handbells, Christ Lutheran Church, Bexley, Ohio; composer, arranger
Build on basic handbell skills. Develop expertise as a ringer through coordination drills and rhythmic exercises; sight-reading and interpretation considerations. Strengthening enthusiasm and commitment in handbell ensembles; analyzing and correcting problems; taking the handbell choir to a higher level of performance. Class participants must have had previous handbell experience, be comfortable with playing Level 3 music and be ready for a challenge as we work together as a handbell choir. Class must have at least 11 participants.  This course will be taught at Christ Lutheran Church, 2314 East Main Street, Bexley, Ohio. One semester hour.


Systematic Theology,  8:00-10:15    

James Childs, Senior Research Professor, Trinity Lutheran Seminary
An introduction to the pastoral and missional task of interpreting Christian doctrine in light of the contemporary cultural and religious context, including a study of the classic Christian doctrines.  Prerequisite: Church History 1.  Required for Trinity M.A., M.T.S., and M.Div. students. Three semester hours.

Liturgical Choir,  10:20-11:45

May Schwarz, Director M.A. in Church Music Program, Professor of Church Music; Trinity Lutheran Seminary
Designed to give students the opportunity to direct the Liturgical Choir and integrate their classroom learning in the context of worship.  Provides opportunities for collaboration with worship planners and musicians, exploration of diverse and multi-cultural choral repertoire, and further skill development in choral conducting, worship planning, rehearsal organization, leadership, communication and music ministry. This course involves participation in daily summer chapel services.  (Available for credit only for M.A.C.M. students.)  All other summer students are cordially invited to sing in the choir, no registration required.  One semester hour.   

Course fee is $465 per semester hour.
Audit fee is $232.50 per semester hour

All courses listed may be applied for credit toward the Master of Arts in Church Music degree at Trinity Lutheran Seminary, Columbus, Ohio
Early registration is advised
Limited on-campus housing available - Contact Cecilia McEldowney 

For further information contact:
Professor May Schwarz
Director, M.A. in Church Music
2199 E. Main Street
Columbus, OH 43209-2334
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