Trinity's Steiner-Reck Organ

trinity organ 01The Gloria Dei Worship Center is home to a Steiner-Reck Pipe Organ that was built in 1983. The 45-rank, 32-stop organ readily accompanies liturgy and hymnody while bringing life to organ literature of many styles and periods. The organ contains 2,286 pipes.

Organ Specifications

Great care was given to the choice of materials for the organ. The asymmetrical casework is of white oak. Keyboard naturals are of padouk and the sharps are of ebony. The stop action panel is of rosewood and maple.

The pipes are primarily of a tin/lead alloy with others of zinc and brass. Two stops are of wood. The ten copper pipes in the façade present an interesting visual display. The thirty-two stops containing forty-five ranks of pipes distributed are over three divisions: Hauptwerk (Great), Schwellwerk (Swell), and Pedal.


Quintadena 16
Principal 8
Rohrflöte 8
Octave 4
Spitzflöte 4
Nasat 2 2/3
Flachflöte 2
Terz 1 3/5
Mixtur V
Scharfzimbel ¼
Trompete 8
Krummhorn 8
Sch / Hw

Holzgedackt 8
Gemshorn 8
Gems Celeste 8
Viola 4
Flöte 4
Ital. Principal 2
Aliquot III
Quint  1 1/3
Scharff III-IV
Englischhorn 16
Oboe 8

Principal 16
Subbass 16
Oktave 8
Bourdun 8
Choralbass 4
Mixtur IV
Posaune 16
Trompete 8
Schalmei 4
Hw / Ped
Schw / Ped

8 General pistons
5 swell pistons
5 great pistons
5 pedal pistons
H/P; S/P; S/H; and 8 generals duplicated on toe studs