Worship Schedules

Trinity Lutheran Seminary Worship Schedules

schenk worship 2013All are welcome!

We worship because God is worthy of worship. We worship because Word, Sacrament, and the Gathering are the places where Jesus has explicitly promised to be with us … so while Jesus is free to be present in other places there is wisdom in this idea: “If we want to be with Jesus, it makes sense to show up in the places where Jesus has promised to be!” Worship is one of those places. Join us for worship -- all are welcome!

Weekly Worship Schedule

Worship this Week

Monday  10.24.2016
10:00am Morning Prayer (Schenk Chapel)

Tuesday  10.25.2016
10:00am Service of Responsive Prayer with Senior Student Preacher - Creighton Leptak
(Gloria Dei) 
1:00pm Eucharist Walk-Through (Gloria Dei)

Wednesday  10.26.2016
10:00am Holy Eucharist
Presider: Emlyn Ott
Preacher: Bishop Robert Schaefer
(Gloria Dei)

Thursday  10.27.2016
10:00 am Praise and Prayers
(Schenk Chapel)
12:00pm TLS Sacristan Meeting (Gloria Dei Sacristy)

*Please note that schedules are updated on a weekly basis.

For any questions about Trinity Lutheran Seminary worship, contact Rev. Karen Asmus-Alsnauer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.