Master of Theological Studies

mts crossAcademic Requirements

  • 60 semester hours of coursework.
  • 17-26 credits in core courses
  • 18-21 hours in a concentration
  • 16-22 hours of electives

Language Requirement

Greek and Hebrew are required of students with a concentration in biblical studies.

Degree Outcomes

Graduates of the Master of Theological Studies degree program should be able to:
  1. Use appropriately the resources of scripture and the church’s tradition
  2. Comprehend and communicate core themes and concepts from their area of concentration

Areas of Concentration

  1. African American Studies
  2. Biblical Studies
  3. Church in the World
  4. History of Christianity
  5. Congregational Ministry
  6. Systematic Theology and Ethics
  7. General Theological Studies

Thesis Option

A thesis may be completed, under the supervision of an advisor, for four semester hours of credit in the student’s area of concentration. Thesis proposals must be approved by the Academic Affairs Committee before November 1 of the academic year in which the degree is to be granted.

Joint Degrees

Two joint degree programs with Capital University are available: A Master of Theological Studies/Juris Doctorate (M.T.S./J.D.) or a Master of Theological Studies/Master of Science in Nursing (M.T.S./M.S.N.).