New Initiatives

For the Sake of the World

Congregational Grants for 2-year Internships

Support contextual sites of great promise that need financial support to host an intern.
  • Total 5-year cost: $210,000

Intensive Courses for Interns and Other Students

Provide funding for costs associated with the formation of interns, including intensive online courses and gatherings of intern/supervisor cohorts; staff needed to transform outstanding classroom pedagogy into distance courses; and additional faculty to offer weekend, night, and extension-site coursework.
  • Total 5-year cost: $385,000

Half-Tuition Scholarships

Provide funding for half-tuition scholarships, beginning with 20 students for the 2017-18 academic year, with a goal of full tuition scholarships for all students by 2024-25.
  • Total 5-year cost: $550,000

Spanish for Ministry

Provide support for faculty members to complete courses that will equip them to teach in Spanish.
  • Total 5-year cost: $225,000

Vice President for Leadership Formation

This person assists the President in providing visionary leadership and direction to all aspects of academic, contextual, community formation, lifelong, and post-graduation formation, so that the mission of Trinity–forming leaders for Christ’s church at work in the world—is served with true excellence
  • Total 5-year cost: $915,000

Columbus Area Admissions Recruiter

Provide support for this new member of the Recruitment/Admissions Team who will focus on recruiting in the greater Columbus area, in particular persons interested in two-year master’s degrees, certificate programs, and courses for personal enrichment.
  • Total 5-year cost: $350,000

Lifelong Learning

Provide relevant, timely, and transformative lifelong learning opportunities for pastors, church professionals (e.g. youth directors, church musicians, faith formation directors), and individuals interested in enriching their faith in daily life.
  • Total 5-year cost: $185,000

Insuring Operational Excellence

In recent years, the seminary has added much to enhance the student experience though funding from tuition and gifts has not kept pace. Enhancements to facilities, technology upgrades, the Green Faith Initiative, and program additions such as Spanish for Ministry and a new Bible professor are not yet fully funded, but will be through this appeal.
  • Total 5-year cost: $2,639,000

Church Music Program

The organ in the Gloria Dei Worship Center will be renovated, as will the organ in Schenk Chapel, and more is being invested in the Church Music Program as Trinity is the only seminary to offer the Master of Arts in Church Music.
  • Total 5-year cost: $475,000

Greenfaith Initiative Phase II

$775,000 for the projects of the heating and air conditioning system.
  • Total 5-year cost: $775,000