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The Book of Genesis

A new book by joy schroeder

The Rev. Dr. Joy Schroeder, professor of Church History at Trinity Lutheran Seminary and the Bergener Professor of Theology and Religion with Capital University, is the translator and editor of the latest book in The Bible in Medieval Tradition (Eerdmans) series titled The Book of Genesis

joy schroeder"In this latest addition to the Bible in Medieval Tradition series, Joy Schroeder provides substantial excerpts — none previously available in English — from seven noteworthy medieval biblical interpreters who commented on Genesis between the ninth and fifteenth centuries.

Representing a chronological and geographical range of authors — including Hildegard of Bingen, Nicholas of Lyra, and Denis the Carthusian — these clear, readable translations illustrate the rich diversity of medieval approaches to biblical interpretation. The commentary covers the entire book of Genesis and includes an in-depth introduction by Schroeder that locates each of the medieval authors within his or her context."
- from WM.B. Eerdmans Publishing Co. 

A profilic speaker and writer about the history of biblical interpretation and the history of women in the church, Dr. Schroeder is the author of numerous scholarly articles, book reviews, and other books, including Deborah's Daughters: Gender Politics and Biblical Interpretation (Oxford University Press, 2014) and Dinah's Lament: The Biblical Legacy of Sexual Violence in Christian Interpretation (Fortress, 2007). 

Dr. Schroeder shares insights into her research for The Book of Genesis in a blog for Eerdmans.