C. Lynn Nakamura

Professor emeritus of Old Testament and learning technologies

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The history of the people of God has shown that left to their own ends, God's people struggle against that which makes them whole -- their relationship with their God. Nevertheless, Hebrew Scripture declares that ultimately God will overcome this faith problem and the divine-human relationship will be placed in a new sphere -- the kingdom of God.

--from Monarch Mountain & Meal


B.A., Susquehanna University, 1978; M.Div., Lutheran Theological Seminary, Philadelphia, 1983; Ph.D., Princeton Theological Seminary, 1992; Pastorate: Ocean City, NJ, 1987-1988; Assistant Professor of Old Testament, Trinity, 1988-1993; Associate Professor of Old Testament, Trinity, 1993-2011; Secretary of the Faculty, Trinity, 1994-96; Manager, Computer Services, Trinity, 1996-1998; Director, Learning Technologies, Trinity, 1996-2001; Webmaster, Trinity, 1997-2001; Professor of Old Testament and Learning Technologies, Trinity, 2001-2011; Director of Information Technology, Trinity, 2005-2011; Senior Research Professor 2011-2013.


  • A Nation Turns to God. Augsburg Adult Bible Studies (June-August, 1995). Co-author.
  • Monarch, Mountain, and Meal: A Traditio-Historical Investigation of the Eschatological Banquet of Isaiah 24:21-23; 25:6-10a. Ph.D. dissertation. Princeton Theological Seminary, 1992.
  • Mission90 Bible Study/Witness: Witnesses to the Word. Minneapolis: Augsburg, 1991. Co-author.
  • "The Old Testament: Roots of Our Faith," 8 min. Augsburg, 1991. Audiocassette.
  • "The New Revised Standard Version: A Review." Introduction and Genesis, Exodus, Joshua, & Judges in Trinity Seminary Review 12:12. 1990.
  • Lutherans and the Challenge of Religious Pluralism. Minneapolis: Augsburg 1990. Co-editor.
  • "Introduction to the Old Testament." In God’s People -- God's Promises. (Teacher Guide for Grade 3 , Term II in the Living Faith Series), pp.12-26. Philadelphia: Parish Life Press, 1984.

Rodney Hutton

Professor emeritus of old testament

hutton rodney
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Scripture is not to be divided neatly into piles of ‘law’ and ‘gospel’. Scripture in all its parts, in every word contained therein, is capable of bearing to us both the threat of condemnation and the promise of God’s grace. This is a treasure not to be squandered nor to be taken for granted.

--Rodney Hutton


B.A., Dana College, 1970; M.Div., Evangelical Lutheran Theological Seminary, 1974; Graduate Study, Universität Heidelberg, 1974-75; Ph.D., Claremont Graduate School, 1983; Pastorates: Carthage, IL, 1978-79; Franklin Grove, IL, 1979-82; Instructor of Hebrew, ELTS, 1973-74; Associate at Institute for Antiquity and Christianity, Claremont, CA, 1976-77; Assistant Professor of Old Testament/Hebrew Scriptures, Trinity, 1982-87; Associate Professor of Old Testament/Hebrew Scriptures, Trinity, 1987-93; Guest Professor, Universität Tubingen, 1989-90; Professor of Old Testament/Hebrew Scriptures, Trinity, 1993-2011; Senior Research Professor 2011-2013.

Areas of Expertise

  • Islam, Introduction
  • Christian/Muslim Relationships
  • Abraham, Jesus, etc. in the Qur’an
  • Biblical Themes: Evil, Satan, Creation, Theodicy, Old Testament Theology
  • Biblical Books: Genesis, Jeremiah, Prophetic Literature, Jonah


  • Society of Biblical Literature
  • Catholic Biblical Society
  • Eastern Great Lakes Bible Society


  • “A Simple Matter of Numbering?  ‘Sovereignty’ and ‘Holiness’ in the Decalogue Tradition,” in the Richard Nelson Festschrift (pending, 2010).
  • Introduction and Notes to the Book of Jeremiah in the New Oxford Annotated Bible (New York: Oxford University Press, 2010).
  • Introduction and Notes to the Book of Leviticus in Lutheran Study Bible (Minneapolis: Augsburg Fortress Press, 2009).
  • Call Sealed with Promise (Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronom).  Augsburg Adult Bible Studies (Minneapolis: Augsburg Fortress Press, 2009).
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  • “Abraham’s Disinheritance: Lessons for Interfaith Dialogue,” Trinity Seminary Review 29 (2008), pp. 7-16.
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  • "God Or Beast? Human Self-Understanding in Genesis 2-3." Proceedings 6 of the Eastern Great Lakes Bible Society (1986) 128-141.
  • Leviticus. Forms of the Old Testament Literature (Eerdmans, in progress).

Kevin Dudley

Affiliated Professor of African-American Studies

History-Theology-Society Division

dudley kevin
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B.S., Franklin University, 1989; M.Div., Trinity Lutheran Seminary, 1998; D.Min., Ashland Theological Seminary, 2004; Director of youth, Mt. Olivet Baptist Church, Columbus, OH, 1994-97; Director of Ministry, New Salem Baptist Church, Columbus, OH, 1998-2000; Pastor, Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Oberlin, OH, 2000-05; Pastor, The Church at North Pointe (ELCA), Columbus, OH, 2005-; Adjunct Faculty, Ashland Theological Seminary, 2003-; Adjunct Faculty, Ohio Christian University, Circleville, OH, 2005-; Director of African American Relations, Trinity, 2005-; Affiliated Professor of African-American Studies, Trinity, 2006-.

Mark Allan Powell

Robert and Phyllis Leatherman Professor of New Testament

Bible Division

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What is true of the testimonies we find in the Bible is true also of our own experiences. As we share our faith stories and listen to the faith stories of others... We come to understand our own experience of God better, and we come to recognize new possibilities for the life of faith.

--Mark Allan Powell


B.A., Texas Lutheran College, 1975; M.Div., Trinity Lutheran Seminary, 1980; Ph.D., Union Theological Seminary, VA, 1988; Pastorates: Pasadena, TX, 1980-84; Richmond, VA, 1984-86; Assistant Professor of New Testament, Trinity, 1987-92; Director of Continuing Education and Post-Graduate Studies, Trinity, 1989-92; Associate Professor of New Testament, Trinity, 1992-97; Robert and Phyllis Leatherman Professor of New Testament, Trinity, 1998-.


  • Society of Biblical Literature
  • Catholic Biblical Association
  • Gospel Music Association


  • Introduction to the New Testament (college textbook). Grand Rapids: Baker Academic. 2007 or 2008
  • What Do They Hear? How to Bridge the Gap Between Preacher and Congregation. Nashville: Abingdon, 2006.
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Gordon S. (Tim) Huffman Jr.

John H. F. Kuder Professor of Christian Mission

History-Theology-Society Division

huffman tim
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Economics, politics and sociology are at the very center of the theological task. Not to understand them and their role in the societies around the world guarantees inadequate theology.

--Gordon "Tim" Huffman


B.A., Capital University, 1964; B.D., Evangelical Lutheran Theological Seminary, 1968; Graduate Study, Chinese University of Hong Kong, 1976-77; Ph.D., University of St. Andrews, Scotland, 1977; Pastorates: Cupar, Scotland, 1970-72; Parma Heights, OH, 1972-75; Professor of Systematic Theology, Lutheran Theological Seminary, Shatin, Hong Kong, 1976-79; Faculty, Southeast Asia Graduate School of Theology, 1978-79; Associate Dean of Studies, Lutheran Theological Seminary, Hong Kong, 1979; Visiting Professor of Systematic Theology and Mission, Trinity, 1979-80; Assistant Professor of Christian Mission, Trinity, 1981-83; Associate Professor of Christian Mission, Trinity, 1983-84; John H.F. Kuder Professor of Christian Mission, Trinity, 1984-.


  • The Lutheran Confessions: A Digital Anthology. 315 pages on CD-ROM, Kindle, Nook, iPhone, iPod touch, interactive teaching resource, 2011.
  • “The Confessions and Mission,” Trinity Seminary Review, Winter/Spring 2012.
  • “A Faculty Goes Missional” by the faculty of Trinity Lutheran Seminary, Edited by Tim Huffman. Trinity Seminary Review, Summer/Fall 2010.
  • “Living, Dying and Being Damned: Teaching Theologians and Controversial Issues,” Trinity Seminary Review, Summer/Fall 2008.